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Opportunity, Inspiration, Creation.

My flow chart for design goes something like this: Opportunity, Inspiration, Creation.

My philosophy for the work that I do is rooted in my childhood. At the age of 9 I sat in my room tenaciously sketching floor plans of my dream homes on the yellow legal pads I snagged from my dad’s office. I was constantly driven to experiment with my surroundings and try new forms of artistic expression, eventually leading me to decoupage a floor-to-ceiling collage onto my bedroom wall as a teen.

Each project is an opportunity to push the boundaries of the style that we’re used to, leading us to create new transformative interiors that cannot be found anywhere else.

My work is characterized by a clean aesthetic with a sophisticated, worldly edge. The unexpected and sometimes odd juxtaposition of textures and elements ultimately is what triggers that sharp intake of breath that I wait for whenever a client sees the end product for the first time. This is my payoff.

Each project invokes a reaction, because true art stirs an emotional or intellectual response inside of the beholder.

Jennifer Sher, NCIDQ